Like people, herbs expect a certain continuity to the climate, to the weather conditions under which they germinate, sprout and grown. Too much heat, cold, water or lack of water affect the ability of an herb to thrive and grow. Human grown herbs will need more attention to detail. Wild herbs may need intervention but otherwise some may adapt and some may not. Imagine a future in which some herbs may become extinct.

At least one herb became extinct in the 2nd century BC, but it was not due to a changing climate, it was likely due to over-harvesting by Romans of that time. The herb was named Silphium, sought after as a seasoning, perfume and both an aphrodisiac and contraceptive. It is nowhere in the world to be found today.

Most of us who grow herbs notice most of them perk up in a cooler climate and can droop in an overheated, humid environment and require more water. I will explore and share scenarios, experiments and results here on Herbs and the Climate.

Baby Lavender Plant by 2023