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Growing Herbs is Mentally Healthy

by Preston Brady III, Herbscapes.com

Taking a few minutes each day to focus on planting seeds, growing herbs, is a mental exercise that is healthier than most people realize. It’s a personal accomplishment to see the seed you planted sprout, and to take care of the young plant by taking a few steps to promote its growth. For the person who works in an office all day and whose primary accomplishments are, at the end of the day, for their employer, this personal triumph is something you alone can claim, and which you completely nurture to success. Granted, some plants do not reach full maturity for a variety of reasons including but not limited to moisture levels, sunlight exposure (too much or too little) and pests. However, the very act of planting the seed and making the effort to grow the plant, renders a sense of accomplishment, and is an exercise both mentally and physically that is good for you. You are trying to make something grow, and possibly something you will be able to enjoy later as food or a compliment to food or drink. Not to forget, many herbs yield beautiful flowers, such as the purple florets of lavender and rosemary and the cone flower of echinacea. Below is an image link to purchase a variety of certified organic herb seeds from a seller on Amazon.

Many herbs can be grown in small pots on windowsills such as in the kitchen. It takes only a few minutes to put dirt in the planter and drop a few seeds in, spray with enough water to promote germination. While keeping in mind not to overwater so as to avoid seed rot, simply spray water every few days and wait for the seeds to sprout. Rember the sprout leaves are small and tender so do not pour water directly over them. Our planet thrives on the zillions of plants and trees around us, and your contribution although it may seem small, is an act of confirmation. It’s a small but significant act of goodness. It’s good for your metal well-being and if you are successful, good for your food table as you can add fresh herbs to a meal or drink and have the satisfaction you grew the herb from seed. Below is a link to some colorful plant pots found on Amazon.

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