The Lure of Saffron

Baby Saffron (

Growing saffron is a lot easier than I thought it would be. Place the corms flat side down in loamy soil. I used a large container in the greenhouse because it rains a lot here and too much water is not good for saffron. Cover the bulbs with about an inch of dirt and mist to moisten but not saturate. At the same time don’t let the soil to bone dry. In about a month the shoots appear. Usually in autumn the purple and yellow flowers appear. The yellow stamen are the spice and you carefully pluck those. You only have the one day to harvest the saffron. For most growers this will be more a labor of love, not profit. It takes about 75,000 flowers to yield a pound of saffron. Saffron is considered the most expensive food in the world. A pound of saffron can draw a $35,000 price tag. Just a pinch in white rice gives you the famous yellow saffron rice. It’s also delicious in meat dishes such as chicken. Saffron does not seed: the bulbs multiple over the years and a garden of saffron can reproduce for about six years until a new garden would be in order. Just a brief overview here but hope it attracted you to the exotic allure of saffron, worth more than gold itself. Select the saffron image below if you want to order 10 bulbs.

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