Papaya from Seeds

Papaya plants (

You know all of those shiny, tender black seeds inside a papaya you see when you cut it in half, that resemble fish roe, that most people scoop out and toss in the garbage? Those seeds are easy to grow. Place them on paper napkins and allow to dry for about three days. In the photo above I sprinkled a handful of the seeds directly into that container, and covered with a thin layer of dirt. The seeds needed two things to sprout: daily water and at least a few hours of sun. Don’t over water- mist the topsoil daily. The trees in the photo are a few years old. Don’t water log the seeds but don’t let them dry out. In the winter it was in the greenhouse. Now it’s outside where it flourishes in the Mobile subtropical climate and the abundance of rain. Next time you eat a papaya, try saving the seeds and grow your own tree. It cost nothing but a little healthy effort. Select the papaya image below to buy dried papaya fruit snacks.

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