Gardening is the New Gym

They say gardening is the new gym, and while there are no barbells or treadmills in my gardens, there is plenty of dirt to be tilled and the occasional weeds to pull. Mostly there is the pleasure of being outside and tending to plants you can clip and bring to the kitchen, add dimensions to your food and make it better for you. I hope to share many of my experiences of doing just that, here at I will also utilize to delve into the fascinating process of seed planting and sprouting. Finally, will live here as well, as a place to explore seed production and planting that may help heal the bruise of hunger, especially in nations where it is still at levels this world has the ability to further reduce. I still have a day job so updates at first may be sparse. I look forward to one day making this place my primary activity. Thanks for the visit. Talk to you soon.

Mango from a seed. It’s grown much bigger, will post newbie soon., Preston Brady III

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